Services & fees

Initial Phone Consultation

The initial consultation is a 10-15 minute phone call to explore what you are hoping to work on in therapy, to explain the type of therapy offered and to make sure it would be a good fit to meet your needs.




Psychology Session

Psychology sessions last 50 minutes. It is recommended that sessions occur weekly to start. As you make progress in therapy there is flexibility to drop to fortnightly or monthly sessions.

£140 per session

Online Therapy

For individuals who find it difficult to attend a session in person, or who would prefer to access therapy from the comfort of their home, online sessions are available, using Skype or Zoom.

£130 per session         
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Reports/ Letters

Therapy summary reports or letters can be provided on request.

  • Letter (up to 2 pages): £70

  • Report (up to 6 pages): £140        



Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is available for other psychologists or CBT therapists

£130 per supervision session

Training on eating disorders is available to healthcare professionals and schools
£200 per hour training