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Services & fees

Initial Phone Consultation

The initial consultation is a 10-15 minute phone call to explore what you are hoping to work on in therapy, to explain the type of therapy offered and to make sure it would be a good fit to meet your needs.




Online Psychology Session

Psychology sessions last 50 minutes. Fees vary depending on experience of clinician. Prices listed below are per session:

Specialist Clinical Psychologist: £120

Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist: £130

Principal Clinical Psychologist: £140

Private Health Insurance

Some clinicians at Treating Disorders are registered with the private health insurance providers listed below. If you wish to use private health insurance to contribute towards the cost of treatment, please see our FAQ page or contact the clinic for further details.

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 16.18.44.png
Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is available for other psychologists or CBT therapists

£130 per supervision session


Reports/ Letters

Therapy summary reports or letters can be provided on request.

  • Letter (up to 2 pages): £70

  • Report (up to 6 pages): £140        



Training on eating disorders is available to healthcare professionals and schools
£200 per hour training

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