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Health at every size® (haes)

What is Health at Every Size?

The Health at Every Size Approach is not a form of therapy, however it is an approach that informs all of the therapies offered. The Health at Every Size Approach was coined by Lindo Bacon (formerly Linda Bacon) who advocates for health professionals and society shifting the focus from weight loss to promoting healthy behaviours (regardless of the impact on weight). It is a movement working to promote size-acceptance, to end weight stigma, and to reduce the cultural obsession with weight loss and thinness.

What does the Health at Every Size approach involve?


Health at Every Size holds five core principles:

  1. Weight Inclusivity - respecting body diversity and acceptance of bodies of all shapes, sizes and weights.

  2. Health Enhancement - advocating for health policies that improve access to healthcare for all people and personal health practices that improve well-being.

  3. Eating for Well-Being - promoting intuitive eating (tuning into and respecting internal hunger and fullness cues rather than external cues from diets) and respecting nutritional needs in addition to eating for pleasure.

  4. Respectful Care - advocating to end weight discrimination, weight stigma and weight bias.

  5. Life-Enhancing Movement - encouraging people to engage in enjoyable movement

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