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Meet the team

We are currently a small (but growing!) friendly team of chartered clinical psychologists specialised in working with eating disorders and body image struggles. We are all trained in evidence based therapies for eating disorders and have extensive experience working in NHS specialist eating disorder services.


Dr Georgie Cox
Principal Clinical Psychologist & Clinical Director

Sophie website pic.jpg

Dr Sophie Bates
Principal Clinical Psychologist

Dr Amy Gulliver-Terry.jpg

Dr Amy Gulliver-

Principal Clinical Psychologist

Freya Headshot.JPG

Dr freya wallington
Principal Clinical Psychologist

Ciara website pic.jpg

Dr Ciara maloney
Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist

Lisa headshot.JPG

Dr lisa keenan
Principal Clinical Psychologist

Ines headshot.jpg

Ines soares
Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist

Ruby website pic.png

Dr ruby whish
Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist

Mindful Nutrition Practice.png

 Dietetic Support

Clinicians at Treating Disorders will cover fundamental dietetic advice as part of all therapy offered.
If you feel you would benefit from more specialist dietetic advice, we work closely alongside our wonderful dietitian colleagues at Mindful Nutrition Practice.


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