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Maudsley model of anorexia nervosa treatment in adults (mantra)

What is MANTRA?

MANTRA was developped by the Maudsley Hospital and is specifically tailored for individuals struggling with anorexia nervosa. It aims to address the factors which can keep anorexia going, by supporting individuals to find alternative and healthy coping mechanisms.

MANTRA is typically recommended for people who identify as having a rigid thinking style (struggling to think flexibly or seeing things in "black and white"); who hold positive beliefs about anorexia and/or feel ambivalent about recovery; and for those who live without a support network or within a support network that may not always respond in a helpful way towards the person's struggles.


What does MANTRA involve?

The MANTRA treatment approach consists of nine modules:

  1. Exploring motivation for recovery

  2. Working with the individual's family and significant others around how they can support recovery

  3. Supporting the individual to improve their nutrition

  4. Working to understand anorexia and what keeps it going

  5. Developing treatment goals

  6. Learning to understand and soothe difficult emotions

  7. Exploring thinking styles, and challenging styles that are overly rigid or perfectionist

  8. Developing an identity outside of anorexia

  9. Relapse prevention

It may be that not all of these modules are required and an individualised treatment plan will be developed based on a person's individual needs.

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